PEACH BOTTOM TOWNSHIP, Pa. (September 20, 2017)

Precast Concrete Adds Strength to Explosion‐Proof Restroom for Gas Transmission Facility

Precast Concrete Adds Strength to Explosion‐Proof Restroom for Gas Transmission Facility

At Calpine’s York 2 Energy Center in Peach Bottom Township, Pa., a precast concrete restroom from Easi‐Set Buildings was the preferred building solution. The restroom—manufactured and installed by Easi‐Set Buildings licensed producer Oldcastle Infrastructure, Easton, Pa.—provides superior R‐values and explosion‐proof qualities to keep workers safe, if an accident ever occurs at the facility.

The 28‐megawatt center is a dual‐fueled, combined‐cycle electric generating facility. Using clean‐burning natural gas, the combustion turbines were also designed to run on ultra‐low‐sulfur diesel fuel oil when necessary. The project began commercial operation this year to provide additional reliable power to the region.

The restroom is a single unisex ADA‐compliant building, measuring 8’‐10” wide x 12’‐0” long x 9’‐4” high, with one toilet and one sink. The building has insulated reinforced concrete walls with a simulated split‐faced block external appearance. The walls were manufactured by Oldcastle Infrastructure to be 8” thick having a 5,000‐psi strength at 28 days. That equates to a R‐13 value for the walls and R‐19.5 for the roof. Stainless steel was selected for the toilet and sink. All electrical components are NEMA 4 rated. A crane from general contractor CB&I, Charlotte, N.C., was used to hoist the restroom into place within the structure. The install took just one day.

“Each Easi‐Set Buildings licensed producer offers customized precast concrete buildings for its customers because each project has such unique requirements,” says Moffette Tharpe, managing director of Easi‐Set Worldwide. “Licensed producers are production‐trained in their own facilities by Easi‐Set Buildings’ personnel to ensure that quality custom solutions are always the top priority.”

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