The only engineered wetland designed to maximize Bold & Gold® media for superior nutrient reduction. Nutrimax does not require a prefilter and eliminates the clogging failures associated with other types of biofilters, removing nitrogen, phosphorus, metals, bacteria and total suspended solids for water quality improvement projects. The incorporation of Hydro-Variant Technology® enables extensive treatment for lower flows, without compromising watershed hydrology during peak flows. This affords the Nutrimax to provide both detention and flow based treatment and be an ideal LID solution for ultra-urban areas where space is at a premium.




  • Low maintenance: media removal not required for vacuum truck servicing
  • Retrofits existing watersheds
  • No organics to degrade and lose treatment capability
  • Includes Bold & Gold media
  • Multi-stage treatment system
  • LID: design blends with landscape
  • Minimal space requirements
  • No prefilters required

Nutrimax removal efficiencies up to:*

  • 24% Zinc
  • 48% TN
  • 57% TP
  • 82% Copper
  • 83% TSS

LEED Credit Eligible:

4.1 ; 4.2     Materials & Resources Recycled Content

5.1             Site Development Native Vegetation

6.2             Storm Water Design / Quality Control

Operation Summary

  • Sheet flow enters from parking lots, roadways and other non porous type surfaces. Maximum contact through the Bold & Gold media and surface vegetation allows for passive filtration and biofiltration.
  • Bold & Gold media and plantings on the surface absorb nutrients and dissolved pollutants.
  • Integrated bypass with high flow treatment system retains trash and debris eliminating the need for a separate bypass.


In contrast to other manufactured wetlands the Nutrimax does not require a prefilter, eliminating the clogging and failures associated with other linear constructed wetlands. Nutrimax uses advanced biofiltration for the removal of TSS, phosphorus, nitrogen, metals, litter and foliage and an in line bioremediation system eliminates the need for diversion structures. The system combines both drainage conveyance, multilevel treatment techniques, variable hydraulic capabilities, along with easy and inexpensive methods for servicing. The shielded underdrain prevents clogging and allows for unrestricted water conveyance.

Usage Applications Include:

  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Parking Lots
  • Roof Runoff
  • Mixed Usage


Optional pretreatment and bypass module captures and retains trash and debris, preventing it from reaching the bioretention cell surface to prolong the life of the media. Other upstream pretreatment options are available.

Systems incorporating pretreatment modules collect trash and debris in one location, making maintenance simple. Regular maintenance entails inspecting the system and health of the plants, picking up trash, and replacing mulch as needed.

Can contribute to the following LEED credits: SD-6.2 Storm Water Design: Quality Control, SS-5.1 Site Development: Native Vegetation, SD-6.1 Storm Water Design: Quantity Control, SS-7.1 Heat Island Effect: Non-Roof (Shade), WE-7.1 Water Efficient Landscaping.

Multi-Zone Treatment Capability

Combines drainage conveyance and variable hydraulics for advanced biofiltration.

  • Zone 1:  Bioremediation zone
  • Zone 2:  Settling zone
  • Zone 3:  Hydro-Variant Technology enabled underdrain accommodates flow variations
  • Zone 4:  Outflow chamber with high flow filtration treatment system


About Bold & Gold Media
Bold & Gold is a Biosorption Activated Media (BAM) used for pollution control to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus levels in storm water. Bold & Gold creates sorbent surface bonds to establish a media nutrient cycle that actively captures and consumes nutrients, while promoting denitrification. High levels of phosphorus and nitrogen can compromise ecosystem integrity and human health. Bold & Gold media is an ideal media for pretreatment prior to rainwater harvesting or post treatment following detention prior to discharge into receiving waters.


  • Variety of sizes and blends available
  • Economical and lower cost than other media
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Sustainable: Long lifespan
  • High surface area: High media contact time
  • No biological toxic effects
  • Physical filtration for removal of solids
  • Removes dissolved nutrients and pollutants
  • Biological activity for capture, consumption and denitrification

Bold & Gold successfully removes:

  • Up to 95% Total Phosphorous
  • Up to 75% Total Nitrogen
  • Up to 95% Total Suspended Solids

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