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Pumping Design Form

Please provide the pump information if known

Pumping Requirements

Flowrate, Head, and Power

Pump Sizing Information

Please provide the information if known.

(Example: Volume required between working volume and the lowest lnlet invert elevation.)

Force Main Material
DIPPVCCast IronOther

Pump Station Configuration and Option Selections

Some of this information will be required to provide an estimate. Those items are designated with an asterick.

OneLift Size* RC509RC611


Interior Pipe Size and Material* 2-inch Sch 80 PVC3-inch Sch 80 PVC3-inch DIP4-inch Sch 80 PVC4-inch DIP6-inch DIP

Discharge Piping Location/Orientation
In plan view with pumps/wetwell on the left side:
Position #1 - Top Side
Position #2 - End
Position #3 - Bottom Side
To Be DeterminedPosition #1Position #2Position #3

Cover Loading* 300 lb. Cover (standard)H-20 Vehicle Loading (Occasional vehicle loading only - Please note in comment section if full-time vehicular loading is required)

Pump Station Venting* 4' Sch 80 PVC Gooseneck Vent with SS Insect Screen (standard)4' Sch 80 PVC Vent with carbon odor control canister capOpening for underground vent line by others4' DI or painted steel gooseneck vent with SS insect screen

Valve Vault Riser
Not Applicable2' Valve Vault Riser4' Valve Vault Riser

Piping and Valving Enhancements

Select any that apply
Piping and Valving Enhancements
Bypass Pumping ConnectionStainless Steel Piping SupportsEnhanced Pressure Gauge PackageHand Wheel Operator vs Standard LeverAir Cushion Check Valve2-inch Air Release ValvePlug Valve Extension ShaftFlow Meter Orientation Pkg (flow meter not incl.)

Special Pipe Coating
Not ApplicableCoal-Tar EpoxyTnemec Hi-Build Epoxoline N-69

Pump Guide Rails
To be determined3/411-1/22

Station Options

Hoist System
Not Applicable300# SS Hoist w/(2) 20' cables and (1) wall bracket1000# SS Hoist w/(2) 20' cables and (1) wall bracketMount Customer Supplied Hoist Socket

Trash Basket
Not ApplicableAluminum Trash BasketAluminum Bar Rack and BasketStainless Steel Trash BasketStainless Steel Bar Rack and Basket

Concrete Coatings, Additives, and Enhanced Protection Options

Please check all that may apply
Exterior Damp Proofing (Walls Below Grade)Xypex C500 (Crystalline Waterproofing)BASF MasterLife AMA 100 (HS Protection)

Level Control Options

Select any that apply
Level Controls
Floats (standard)Pressure TransducerUltrasonic TransducerCombination

Junction Box Package
Pump Kellems only (standard - no pump j-boxes)Interior X-Proof pump junction box and intrinsically safe floatExterior NEMA 4X j-box

Additional Level and Station Control Features (Optional)

NoneStainless & Coated Weight Assembly6-inch Sch 80 PVC Stilling Well for TransducerMount Pump Control Panel to Station w/ Stainless Supports, RGS Conduits, Fitting, Seal Offs

Access Options

Select any that apply
Ladder ExtensionSafety Grating