Building and construction projects that require rugged and dependable support beams look no further than precast concrete. Precast girders are corrosion and deterioration resistant, use less seams than traditional methods, and ensure quality through structural consistency. Oldcaslte Infrastructure girders are manufactured in a variety of sizes to suit any project need.

Features & Benefits
  • Single Piece Construction
  • Bulb Tee Design
  • Offers rugged durability to hold transverse loads and evenly distribute weight for dependable structural integrity
  • Quick and easy install means less time is spent on the construction site.
  • I-shaped beam with a larger flange top than bottom, commonly used in large span bridge applications
  • Available in a variety of flange widths and unit lengths.
Specs & Guides

Model: BULBT

Material: Concrete

Load Rating: bulb-tee

Height: Variable

Width: Variable

Length: Variable


Location Available

922 N Carnahan Road
Spokane Valley, WA


(509) 536-3300


M-F 7:00-5:00

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