ConVault, a superior line of above grade liquid storage vault solutions offering unsurpassed protection, versatility and reliability. The ConVault line of products are ideal for Fuel & Lube Dispensing, Oil & Chemical Storage, as well as Generator & Boiler Set applications. ConVault above ground fuel storage tanks, (AST), are a patented system utilizing a primary steel tank, integral secondary containment, and an engineered concrete outer vault to provide a UL listed, impact resistant, time tested fluid storage solution.

Features & Benefits
  • Single Structure Design
  • Multiple Layer Containment
  • Monothic Concrete Enclosure
  • Secondary Polyethylene Layer
  • Primary Steel Tank
  • Preassembled Equipment Package
  • Material and Design Load Specifications
  • Offers rugged durability impact resistance and provides thermal protection
  • Simple and rapid installation
  • Versital design for a variety of uses in restrictive spaces
  • Meets all safety requiements for primary and secondary containment, leak monitoring, spill containment, and overfill protection
  • Available in multiple size options with capacities ranging from 125 to 12,000 gallons
  • Seamless, six-inch reinforced concrete
  • Provides fire, impact, ballistic protection containment
  • 30 MIL high density polyethylene membraine encloses the primary steel tank
  • Assures corrosion protection for the steel tank and provides secondary spill containment
  • Primary containment for liquid fuel
  • Fabricated in accordance with UL Standard 142 (Seventh Edition)
  • Available in 1/8″, 3/16″, or 1/4″ thick steel depending on the warranty and tank size
  • Available with mechanical and electrical components, including:= Fuel dispensing components= Fuel level indicator=Leak detector tube
  • Meets the below criteria:= ULC 142.16, ULC 142.23, and UL Standard for Insulated/secondary Containment for Above Ground Storage Tanks/Protected Type= EPA Compliant
Specs & Guides

Model: 2000-CVLT

Material: Concrete

Load Rating: convault

Height: 5’ 3 1/2”

Width: 8’ 1/2”

Length: 11’ 2 1/2”

Weight: 30000 lb


PDF: TX_MF_11x8x5_2000-Gallon-Convault-Above-Ground-Fuel-Storage_131691.pdf

DWG: TX_MF_11x8x5_2000-Gallon-Convault-Above-Ground-Fuel-Storage_131691-1.dwg


Location Available

1100 Heritage Parkway
Mansfield, TX


(817) 453-1054


M-F 8:00-5:00

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