Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) are generated at food service establishments (FSEs) as a byproduct of food preparation activities. When FOG enters the sewer system it begins to cool and solidify, reducing conveyance capacity and blocking flow. Often time this leads to sewer overflows and spills which put the health and safety of the public at risk. Grease interceptors have played an important role in preventing accumulated FOG from damaging the public infrastructure by collecting it at the source. Grease interceptors, when combined with Best Management Practices (BMPs), will significantly reduce the amount of FOG entering the sewer system.

Features & Benefits
  • Flow Distribution Channels
  • Unrestricted Gravity Flow
  • Large Capacity
  • Tapered Access Openings and Variable Height Lids
  • NPCA Certified Durable Design
  • Optional Corrosion Resistant Coatings Available
  • Promotes a distributed, laminar flow path and eliminates turbulence and short-circuiting
  • No flow control devices which mitigates clogging, backups and potential health hazards or costly jetting fees
  • Less frequent maintenance
  • Maximium visibility for proper inspection and maintenance
  • 6000 psi concrete
  • No traffic loading or buoyancy issues
Specs & Guides

Model: Strata 1000-GGI

Material: Concrete

Height: 4’ 11”

Width: 4’ 10”

Length: 9’ 9”

Weight: 18390 lb


PDF: Strata-Sell-Sheet_111416_WEB-2-1.pdf

PDF: Strata-Spec-Draft-11_29_16-1-2.pdf

PDF: Strata-1000-Grease-Interceptor-Submittal-1-1.pdf

PDF: Strata_Install-2.pdf

PDF: 153-STRATA-1000-1-2.pdf

DWG: 153-STRATA-1000-1.dwg


Location Available

2808 A Street SE
Auburn, WA


(253) 839-3500


M-F 7:00-4:00

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