The SwaleGard Overflow Filter is used in swale and bioretention facility applications to allow high flows to exit the system while retaining gross solids and trash and debris as well as mulch and media that may scour as a result of peak flows. Because the media and mulch are not washed away as they can be with standard overflow drains, the device ensures the bioretention facility will continue to perform as designed. The height of the SwaleGard Overflow Filter can be adjusted in the field, allowing the ponding depth to be set to meet site-specific requirements which enhances system performance. The adjustable height also accommodates placement of additional media or mulch during maintenance. Its unique angled sides reduce filter clogging and ensure retention of floatables. Routine maintenance is accomplished by removing accumulated debris from the overflow screen. Frequency of maintenance depends on the conditions of the site and performance of the system.

Features & Benefits
  • Effective Trash and Debris Protection
  • Simple Design
  • Adjustable to Site Conditions
  • Integral Auxiliary Bypass
  • Multiple Applications
  • Augments Bioretention Cell Performance
  • Unique angled sides and screen design retains pollutants such as gross solids, trash and debris.
  • Simple design is effective and economical.
  • Filter height is adjustable to ensure proper ponding depth. Can be lowered as media settles or raised as mulch and media are added to the bioretention facility.
  • Bypass design won’t impede peak flow bypass needs.
  • Designed for new or retrofit bioretention cell systems, and fits most industry standard overflow drains. Can be sold as a complete system including a precast concrete overflow drain.
  • Enhances performance of bioretention cell systems by retaining media and mulch which are designed to filter non-soluble pollutants.
Specs & Guides

Name: SwaleGard® Bioretention Overflow Filter

Model: SOF-12

Material: Concrete, Powdercoated Steel


PDF: Stormwater-Treatment-Design-Assistance-Form-64.pdf

PDF: OSS_SG-Pre-Filter_MaintSpecs_June-2017_v2-15.pdf

PDF: SOF-0001-REV-A-Swale-Overflow-Filter-5.pdf

DWG: SOF-0001-REV-A-Swale-Overflow-Filter-5.dwg


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