Equipment shelters and vaults from Oldcaslte Infrastructure are designed for rapid installation and deployment and long term secure service. We have the broadest product line of below ground and above ground shelters and vaults. We have developed precast solutions ranging in size from 50 sf to more than 3,500 sf.

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Name: Two-Piece Building

Material: Concrete

Load Rating: pump-houses, water-treatment, generator-enclosures, gas-meter-regulating-buildings, gis-buildings, equipment-shelters, equipment-shelters-transportation, data-centers, precast-buildings-data-centers-2, precast-buildings-equipment-shelters-2, precast-buildings-hazmat-storage, precast-buildings-parks-recreation, precast-buildings-security-shelterssafety

Height: 4"’ 4”

Width: 22’ 8”

Length: 27’ 4”



PDF: AZ-8294-1_2327-Shelter-Planner-2.pdf


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