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Customer commitment letter

  • We at Oldcastle Infrastructure work every day to manufacture and deliver essential infrastructure products for the water, energy, communications, building, and transportation markets that support the communities we live and work in. With the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, we maintain our commitment to deliver these essential products to the people that depend on us.

As a customer who supports installing and servicing essential infrastructure products, we know you share these goals. Oldcastle Infrastructure is making every effort to maintain our employees’ safety in line with CDC and WHO guidelines. We have taken the following actions:

  •    •   Sales Support – although we have restricted all international and non-essential travel, our sales teams are available to answer your questions any time, whether it’s during a conference call or a virtual meeting. As circumstances change, our sales staff will strive to keep you advised of any developments and work with you to address the difficult issues related to COVID-19.

  •   Service Support – where we can, we have transitioned support teams like customer service and engineering to work remotely. They are also available to answer your questions and provide you support any time, whether it is during a conference call or virtual meeting.


  •   Social Distancing – we have initiated remote work for employees who can work virtually. At locations where critical roles must continue on-site, we have added more places for employees to safely take a break and eat lunch in line with CDC and WHO guidelines. We are also changing how we manage shifts and how our field service crews travel to job sites. We have also implemented extensive cleaning and disinfecting of high touch areas throughout our facilities and supply chain process.


We will continue to make every effort to operate our facilities and prevent product delivery disruptions, so you can continue to deliver essential infrastructure to our communities during these unprecedented times.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your sales or customer service contact.


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