Fish Passage

Seamless integration into diverse environments.

Overcoming Fish Migration Challenges

Fish passage replacement in Washington State poses unique challenges that demand innovative solutions. At Oldcastle Infrastructure, we understand the critical importance of ensuring unimpeded fish migration while meeting stringent regulatory standards set by the March 2013 federal culvert injunction for the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).

Featured Project

Granite Construction, Inc. recently partnered with Oldcastle Infrastructure in Lynden, Washington to manufacture a box culvert solution for the Pepin Creek install that will work towards providing a sustainable fish passage for the area. 


“With a project of this complexity, on this challenging time frame, we needed the right partner, and we chose Oldcastle Infrastructure,” said Lance Chambers, Granite Construction. “They are a single-source company, meaning that the engineering team, the project leads, the plants, the capacity, and the experience – it’s all under one roof.”


Why Partner with Oldcastle Infrastructure for Fish Migration?


Utilizing local plants, high-quality materials, efficient design, and reduced maintenance requirements, our precast culverts help optimize project budgets without compromising on performance or environmental compliance.

Customized Solutions

Our solutions can be customized to meet specific site requirements, including size, shape, and flow characteristics. This versatility allows for seamless integration into diverse environments, ensuring optimal fish migration while preserving ecological balance.

Superior Quality

Our solutions are engineered using high-quality materials, guaranteeing exceptional durability and longevity. They are designed to withstand heavy loads, turbulent water flows, and environmental stresses, ensuring reliable performance.

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Product Spotlight

Split Box Culvert 1

Split Box Culvert I

Our split box culverts resist corrosive elements and withstand volumes of water inside as well as extreme loading conditions.

3 Sided Bridge

Three-Sided Bridge

Our three-sided bridges are manufactured in a variety of sizes with standard and customizable designs to accommodate your project.

Split Box Culvert 2

Split Box Culvert II

A split box culvert starts with at least one three-sided U” and then incorporates either a single slab or a second, inverted U” to complete the box.

What is Fish Passage?

Dams and diversions can congest rivers, leaving fish stranded and isolated from their essential habitats. These obstructions endanger fish populations, including at-risk species, impacting their breeding grounds and food sources. Over the past two centuries, fish populations have significantly declined due to the proliferation of such barriers. We are dedicated to supporting those locating and addressing blockages, offering innovative solutions for fish passage. However, millions of obsolete and poorly designed dams, roads, and levees in the U.S. continue to hinder fish and aquatic species from freely feeding, migrating, and reproducing, making them vulnerable to climate change impacts. By working together we can eliminate these obstacles, fish passage projects not only restore river ecosystems but also improve public safety and enhance climate resilience.


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