Oldcastle Infrastructure panel vaults are a unique solution for building a custom structure, especially for utilities that must remain in service. These vaults protect and provide access to subterranean public utility equipment, such as housing underground electrical cables and conduits, fiber optic cables, and communications equipment. Oldcastle Infrastructure Panel Vaults are manufactured as six separate panels that are fitted together as a unit and transported to the project site for installation. With standard and customizable options, these vaults are the perfect example of value-added engineering saving time and money on your next project.

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Panel Vault – size varies Panel Vault View Add
Panel Vault 382UMPPANELVLT View Add
Holding Tank Panel Vault Holding Tanks View Add
3-Sided Box Panel Vault Detention Vaults - 3-Sided Box System View Add
Panel Vault Varies View Add
Custom Panel Vault PV-DETAILS View Add
Water Meter Vault-800 MV-800 3’ 10” 5’ 4” View Add
Water Meter Vault-801 MV-801 4’ 8’ View Add
Water Meter Vault-802 MV-802 4’ 6” 7’ 6” View Add
Water Meter Vault-803 MV-803 6’ 8’ View Add
Water Meter Vault-804 MV-804 2’ 4’ 4’ View Add
Water Meter Vault-805 MV-805 6’ 12’ View Add
StormCapture® PV Detention Panel Vault View Add



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