Oldcastle Infrastructure pole bases are a durable and convenient foundation solution to easily place and hold lamp poles. Using precast bases eliminates the need to pour on-site and account for alignment, saving valuable time. Oldcastle Infrastructure pole bases utilize a conduit raceway core and anchor bolts to secure the light to the base. The base design is engineered to meet minimum concrete strengths. Our pole bases come in a variety of depths and bolt patterns.


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Light Pole Base-NGRID-MS#6640 LPB NGRID6640 4’ 2’ 2’ View Add
Light Pole Base-NGRID-MS#6641 LPB NGRID6641 4’ 2’ 2’ View Add
Light Pole Base-NGRID-MS#6642 LPB NGRID6642 4’ 2’ 2’ View Add
Light Pole Base-NGRID-MS#6650 LPB NGRID6650 View Add
Light Pole Base-NGRID LPB2424 5’ 2’ 2’ View Add
Signal Post Foundation-MHD SPF2020 2’ 6” 1’ 8” 1’ 8” View Add
3′-0″ Dia.-7′ Light Pole Base-MHD LPB36D-7 7’ 3’ View Add
3′-0″ Dia.-10′ Light Pole Base-MHD LPB36D-10 10’ 3’ View Add
2′-0″ Dia. Light Pole Base 24" Pole Base - 5' 5’ 2’ View Add
24″ Dia. Lamp Base Precast Footing 382UEF24R-V-LB View Add
2′-0″ Dia. Light Pole Base LIGHT POLE BASE 2’ View Add
18″ Dia. Light Pole Base 18 LP-B 1’ 6” View Add
24″ Dia. Light Pole Base 24 LP-B 2’ View Add
24″ Dia. Light Pole Base 24RVLBP 6’ 6” 2’ View Add
3R-LB/4R-CL Lamp Pole Base 17″ dia. x 36″/48″ 3R-LB/4R-CL 1’ 5” 1’ 5” View Add
4CL-LB/5CL-LB Lamp Pole Base 14″ x 48″/60″ 4CL-LB/5CL-LB 1’ 2” View Add
4-LB/5-LB Lamp Pole Base 18″ x 48″/60″ 4-LB/5-LB 1’ 6” View Add
7-LB-P Lamp Pole Base 18″ x 84″ 7-LB-P 7’ 1’ 6” View Add
18R-LB Lamp Pole Base 18″ dia. x varies 18R-V-LB 1’ 6” 1’ 6” View Add
24R-LB Lamp Pole Base 24″ dia. x varies 24R-V-LB 2’ 2’ View Add



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