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Oldcastle Infrastructure™ has evolved into your total infrastructure solutions provider for utility infrastructure throughout the water, energy, communications, and transportation markets.

With the manufacturing know-how, the local logistics, the technology, the forward-thinking,
the thought leadership, the focus on sustainability, the diverse and connected team of employees— we’re prepared to bring you one complete solution from one trusted partner.


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Our Perspective

We make so much more than concrete and enclosures. We make structures that give structure to our lives. Whether in small ways or large, we’re focused on creating the best products we can, on as many levels as we can, for as many people as we can. Local. National. Diverse. Vast and Impactful.

We pair raw materials with technical know-how in a way that’s sensible, affordable, consistent, safety-oriented, and specialized. We’ve got rare vertical integration and scale that bring the full lifecycle to life: The source materials are ours. The solutions are ours. The service is ours. The data is ours. That’s not just a huge leg up for us—it means significant value for every one of our customers, too.

But in the end, the performance of our company isn’t about the things we make or how we make them. It’s about transforming communities from the ground up. It’s about solving some of the world’s most fundamental challenges: protecting water, enhancing communications, transporting energy. Call that reliability if you like. We call it ensuring the vitality and sustainability of what we hold most dear. And when we succeed, it doesn’t just lead to a better business. It helps us lead to a better planet. We have to perform everywhere, because the world needs us to perform everywhere.

So while we’re doing all the little things to create structures for any environment to handle any load, we’re actually doing something far greater. We’re seeing the future. We’re taking on an industry in order to build it better. And we’re connecting millions of people. We’re linking them to better quality products, more efficient systems, and the idea that massive impact might be right beneath their feet.