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Empowering the Future: Customizable EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions

Oldcastle Infrastructure stands at the forefront of the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure revolution, offering customizable, scalable solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your project. As the EV market continues to grow, the need for robust charging infrastructure has never been more apparent. Our team brings deep expertise and innovation, crafting versatile systems that are both adaptable and future-ready. Explore our comprehensive range of EV charging solutions, designed for efficiency, adaptability, and scalabilty, to power your project towards a sustainable, electric-powered future.

Explore Our EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions

EV Foundation High Powered Charger
High Powered Charger (HPC) Foundation

• Includes chamber base and retention socket fixing point
• Retention socket creates an impact resistance foundation
• Retention socket allows installation in advance and includes a range of adapter plates to accommodate standard and custom designs and easy access to utility cables
• Facilitates the use of cables up to 9.5 inch
• Fully future-proofed to allow for replacements, upgrades and required additions
EV Precast Vault
EVNext Precast Vault with Lid


• Precast solution reduces installation time on site and quality issues •  Increased space below ground for easier conduit installation
•  Standardized approach to construction
•  Uniform finish at every installation
•  Four conduit entry points
•  Below ground infrastructure work can be completed in advance of charger selection
•  Interchangeable cover to suit multiple OEMs, which future-proofs sites
• Future-proof sites for increase in EV demand eliminating the need for secondary civils or protruding conduits
EVNext Polymer Concrete Enclosure

• Interchangeable covers to suit multiple OEMs
• Lightweight installation
• Concrete free installation allows quick deployment of chargers and not weather dependent
• Future-proof for increase demand eliminating above ground conduit or secondary civils
• Small footprint both at-ground and below-ground level
EVNext Precast Vault

• Industry leading product choice to protect and provide access to utility cabling
• Available features include grade rings and risers, lifters, pulling irons, drainage sumps, term-a-ducts and knockouts, as well as racking to best fit your project needs
• Approved by multiple utility companies for transformer usage

EVNext Precast Pad

• Mount transformer pads/slabs are designed to accelerate the deployment of EV installation of chargers, transformers and other equipment
STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect Access Chamber & Cover

• Consists of straight side walls and curved corner pieces, connected via a locking pin
• 90-ton vertical loading and 5-ton sidewall loading
• Modular solution to suit all chamber sizes
• Simple and quick installation
• Lightweight sections for manual handling
• Easily adaptable on site without loss of strength
• No lifting equipment required
• Can be supplied flat pack
• Easily drill conduit access points

Duralite® Enclosures

• Tier 15 and Tier 22 load rating performance in the lightweight
enclosure category

• Engineered to withstand heavy loads, Duralite blends composite
materials to provide durable, accessible security to our necessary

Oldcastle Polymer Enclosures

• Polymer concrete enclosures deliver strength and durability like traditional concrete, but at a fraction of the weight
• These enclosures provide medium to heavy duty solutions for vaults, splice boxes and meter boxes ideal for commercial and industrial applications

Christy® Enclosures

• Concrete enclosures deliver reliable, cost-effective performance through a wide variety of sizes for many applications
• You can depend on the trusted Christy brand for reliable hand holes and vaults for the utility market


• Pre-formed duct banks designed to house and protect cables
• Manufactured from nitrogen foamed high density polyethylene for a rigid duct system with high crush resistance and loading strength
• Ideal for areas of restricted depth
• 50% more duct capacity with built-in cable spacing
• Lightweight sections for cost-effective installation
• Fully recyclable

PROtrough Cable Trench

• Designed to have no restriction on cable ambient operating temperatures and eliminate heat distortion/thermal expansion issues
• Modular and lightweight for convenient deployment and installation throughout complex power facilities
• Seamless integration with STAKKAbox™ access chamber
• Ideal for surface mounting installations
• Easy-to-install pedestrian lid avoids disruption to the public or any health and safety implications

Plastibeton® Cable Trench

• High-strength trench with exceptional resistance to freeze/thaw
conditions, providing outstanding vehicle load rating at any point
• Made of a unique, patented high-density polymer concrete
• Protect and allow easy access to power cables
• Lightweight design reduces installation cost


• For use in industrial and commercial utility applications
• Subjected to in-process quality control inspections to assure compliance with manufacturing and performance standards
• Available as TC6 and TC8 from 2″ to 6″ diameter


• A broad range of fittings including standard and special radius sweeps, couplings, elbows and bell ends are just a sampling of the products we offer
• Where applicable, our fittings meet UL651 requirements

OMNI Universal Pole Base

• Pre-engineered foundation that is stocked and readily available for
immediate delivery and installation
• Adjustable bolt diameter and prepackaged bolts simplify ordering and installation by eliminating coordination with pole manufacturers, creation of templates and on-site bolt variability
• The OMNI foundation reduces the time from delivery to power-on to less than half a day

Detention Socket with Duckfoot Bend
Detention Socket with Duckfoot Bend for Lighting Fixtures

• Manufactured galvanized cast steel and ductile iron sockets create an impact resistant foundation
• Securely retain in position all types of light poles in a range of sizes and shapes to suit a wide variety of light poles
• Accepts a wide breath of diameters from 2 inches to 17 inches
• 360 degree swivel and cable entry through the base of the post
• Enables the duct to be connected from any direction and its slow
radius inner bend simplifies the installation of cables to light fixtures
• Accepts standard conduits 2, 4 and 6 inch inner diameter

Non-Illuminated Retention Socket
Non-Illuminated Retention Socket for EV Charging Units

• Enables a swift and improved installation process
• Retention socket creates an impact resistance foundation
• Facilitates simple removal with a key and wrench, ideal for
replacement to optimize space or resulting from collision
• May be shortened on site and installed prior to the arrival of furniture
• May be sealed with a pedestrian plug, to remove trip hazards,
guaranteeing sites remain operational


• lluminated and non-illuminated options
• Highly resistant yet very flexible
• Known as the safest, most durable and maintenance-free bollard available today

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Why Partner with Oldcastle Infrastructure for EV?

Expert Engineering & Scalability

Dive into the future with our expertly engineered EV charging solutions. Tailored and scalable, our offerings are engineered by seasoned professionals, ensuring your project is not just met, but exceeded. Experience the blend of innovation and precision that makes us leaders in the field.

Nationwide Support & Customized Solutions

Across our 80+ locations, we deliver more than products; we deliver peace of mind. Our nationwide presence enables us to provide localized, customized solutions that tackle the unique challenges of your project, ensuring seamless execution from coast to coast.

Commitment to Sustainability

With us, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s our mission. From fish passage solutions to AI-driven conservation technologies, we’re committed to environmentally responsible solutions that pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future in EV charging infrastructure.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Expertise

In the dynamic EV charging industry, we’re committed to sustainable, adaptable infrastructure, offering both NEVI-aligned and innovative solutions. Our eco-friendly designs anticipate future tech, ensuring minimal environmental impact and maximum versatility. As pioneers in this field, we enhance the reliability and value of your EV projects. Embrace the electric revolution with us—download our brochure and join the journey towards a more electrified future.


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