Captures and Retains Target Pollutants, Reducing the Total Downstream Discharge Load

The PerkFilter is a storm water treatment device that utilizes a wide variety of proprietary media to treat specific pollutants of concern.


Cartridge Filtration Proven to Reduce Pollutant Loading in Runoff from Urban Developments

Flexible Configurations

Available in vaults, manholes and catch basins with variable inlet/outlet locations.

Superior Flow Rates

High-efficiency treatment in a compact footprint.

Field & Laboratory Tested

Removal of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and phosphorus.

Internal High-Flow Bypass

Integrated bypass system reduces construction costs by eliminating the need for a separate bypass structure.

Integral Pre-Treatment

Pre-treatment chamber prolongs media lifespan by removing gross pollutants.

Modular Cartridge Construction

Simple design provides for efficient media replacement and cartridge handling.

Regulatory Approvals

Washington State Department of Ecology – TAPE/GULD for basic treatment (TSS) and phosphorus treatment

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection – NJCAT certified 80% TSS removal rate

Maryland Department of Environment – Approved structural practice for 80% TSS removal

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality – BMP clearinghouse 50% credit for phosphorus reduction


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