PermeCapture™ Advantages

The PermeCapture™ system combines the advantages and versatility of structural precast concrete modules with the aesthetics and performance of permeable interlocking pavers to provide a stand alone, low maintenance, Low-Impact Development (LID) solution for storm water retention, detention, reuse and ground water recharge.



Easy maintenance with vacuum sweeping and manhole access into the large storage modules.

Runoff Reduction at the Source

Minimizes the need for conventional storm water collection methods by allowing water to pass directly into below grade storage.

Low-Impact Development

Permeable pavers reduce impervious surface on-site. System provides an option for infiltration and groundwater recharge.

Zero Runoff Site

Provides capture and harvesting or infiltration of storm water on-site.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Belard® pavers enhance the aesthetic quality of the site and can be incorporated into any design.

Low Lifecycle and Service Costs

Low maintenance design reduces long-term maintenance and lifecycle costs.

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