Simplifying Cable Protection.

MULTIDUCT™ IS A MULTIPLE DUCT CABLE PROTECTION SYSTEM made of lightweight parts that are suitable for a single person lift. Components assemble quickly and easily with our unique push-fit connection providing maximum savings on project time and cost. Durable construction and high crush strength require shallower burial depths and no concrete or special back fill reducing excavation requirements and enabling excavated materials to be reused during re-installation. A wide range of accessories offer solutions for obstacles such as tight turns, elevations, adjustable height on-site, and natural curvatures.


Superior Crush-Resistance.


Each section weighs under 40 lbs and is suitable for single person lift.


High strength and crush resistant, requiring no concrete or special back fill and are buried in shallow depths.


2 degree of flexibility within its connection results in natural bends that can follow the curve of a track or roadway.


Quick connections with 2 degree of flexibility result in the creation of a natural bend that can follow the curvature of a track, road, or tunnel installation. MULTIduct™ combines multiple cable ducts into a single unit with smooth internal walls for easy cable pulling. Units can be stacked without requiring a graded back-fill between ducts, reducing excavation and narrower, shallower trenches.

Available MULTIduct™ Accessories

Angles to accommodate the required bend radius duct adapters for integration with traditional ducting sockets and spigots for joining multiple lengths end caps for termination at duct entry points.

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