Oldcastle Infrastructure offers a solution for filtering sediments from runoff water. Sand traps capture sediments from runoff water, solve particle separation problems, and lower phosphate levels. These vaults contain two chambers, one for filtering large debris and particulates and another that contains the sand to filter contaminants from the water itself, including emulsified liquids. The sand filter is typically situated between a collection structure and water piping. Each filter can be sized to match your application, thereby making processing and maintaining more efficient. Oldcastle Infrastructure sand filters are available in a variety of sizes and feature a high-flow bypass to comply with underground structure requirements.


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Product Filters
Height FT / IN
Width FT / IN
Length FT / IN
Manufacturing Plant
Clear Filters
Name Model Height Width Length Diameter Downloads Quote Generator
Underground Sandfilter Components 8’ 10’ View Add
Sand Filter- 3′-0″ Flow Ports-Delaware 5’ 5” 9’ 5” View Add
Sand Filter-2′-2″ Flow Ports-Delaware 5’ 5” 9’ 5” View Add
10’x8′ Sand Filter-DC 8’ 10’ View Add
Sand Interceptor-Sand/Oil Separator Various Sizes by Capacity View Add
Sand Interceptor-430 Gal Sand Interceptor - 430 3’ 6” 4’ 6’ View Add
Oil/Sand Interceptor Oil Sand Interceptor View Add
10’x8′ Sand Filter 10'x8'xVarious lengths 8’ 10’ View Add
10’x30′ Sand Filter 10'-10x30' x Various depths 10’ 10” 30’ View Add
6’x16′ Sand Filter 6' x 16' x Various depths 6’ 16’ View Add
Sand & Oil Interceptor-Standard SOI-STANDARD View Add
Sand Interceptor-Standard SI-Standard View Add
Sand/Grit Trap-300 Gal 2'-6" x 6'-0" x 3'-8" 3’ 8” 2’ 6” 6’ View Add
Sand Trap 200 Gallon ST-200 4’ 2’ 4’ View Add
Sand Trap for Car Wash-1150 Gal ST-CW-1150 5’ 6” 4’ 8’ View Add
Sand Trap 1150 Gallon ST-1150 5’ 6” 4’ 8’ View Add



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