Why Plastibeton

The Plastibeton® cable trench is a trusted system by power, utility, railroad and transit companies throughout North America to contain, protect and allow easy access to power, control, signal, communication, and fiber optic cables. Made of a unique, patented High-Density Polymer Concrete, the cable trench system offers flexibility and strength, as well as exceptional resistance to freeze/thaw conditions. The Plastibeton® Channel System provides outstanding H20 load rating at any point. It is designed an tested to exceed industry standards, and with an unmatched strength to weight ratio, Plastibeton® reduces installation costs and is the safer cable trench choice.

Cover Options

  • PLASTIBETON® (Standard Cover) - 16,000 LB Wheel Load
  • PLASTIBETON® LW - 16,000 LB Wheel Load. Up to 30% lighter than Standard.
  • PLASTIBETON® PED - Pedestrian Rated 300 LB/FT2
  • PLASTIBETON® HD - 32,000 LB Wheel Load
  • Steel - 32,000 LB Wheel Load. Ideal for frequent traffic.
  • Grated - 32,000 LB Wheel Load. Ideal for ventilation.

Body Features

  • Molded as a single, uniform piece—providing simplified installation, superior strength and exceptional durability.
  • Covers lay flush within the trench for safe walking or driving transition
  • Cable exits are provided in trench bottoms to allow for drainage and interface with conduits.
  • Manufactured with a patented process using a combination of resin and stone to provide a dielectric material that has exceptional resistance to acids, oil, and freeze/thaw cycles.

Options & Accessories

  • Locking Covers
  • Dividers
  • Cable Clips
  • Unistrut
  • Cable Riser
  • Corner Protectors
  • Firestop
  • Protection Rods
  • Attachment Plates