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Combining actionable artificial intelligence (AI) and expert field professionals to address water loss and improve your bottom line.

Tackling Water Loss in Infrastructure from Every Possible Angle

The complexities of water loss management involve tackling a spectrum of challenges beyond vulnerable pipelines, such as theft, aging infrastructure, leaks of various sizes, and inaccurate meter readings. With water pipe infrastructure in the United States typically dating back anywhere from 45 to 100 years, this can be quite challenging. When we add in environmental factors, the effect of urban sprawl, and the fact that 40 of our 50 states are projected to experience water shortages, our services and solutions become even more valuable.

Pioneering a Resilient and Sustainable Future

At Oldcastle Infrastructure, our field teams harness advanced AI tools to conserve as much water as we possibly can. Fueled by Fido’s sophisticated AI, we precisely map and analyze water infrastructure to pinpoint and resolve issues of water loss.

Our state-of-the-art solutions, equipped with AI sensors, gather, analyze, and provide actionable data-driven insights to detect leaks. This ultimately preserves our valuable water resources and saves millions in wasted revenue. Additionally, our AI-driven solutions can monitor non-metered usage and identify theft through consumption profiling, enabling us to recoup even more savings from water loss.

By the Numbers
Estimates for U.S. water main breaks are 240,000 per year

2 trillion gallons of treated drinking water are lost every single day

Municipalities and water utilities lose up to 2 trillion gallons a year

$7.5 billion in revenue loss is going down the drain

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Experience You Can Trust

At Oldcastle Infrastructure, we go beyond being a mere solution; we are your experienced, forward-thinking partner on your infrastructure journey. Understanding your unique needs, we provide innovative products and services that surpass traditional infrastructure standards to meet your demands. Our comprehensive turn-key program for water loss management offers significant advantages to municipalities, water utilities, and property owners. We optimize your operations by eliminating reactive maintenance, streamlining leak detection, and ensuring verifiable outcomes.

Engage with a partner that can anticipate your needs with innovative solutions.
Enhance strategic resource management with real-time consumption profiling to combat water loss effectively.
Realize immediate operational improvements and cost benefits by prioritizing maintenance/repair tasks.

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Our AI-Driven Process for Efficient Water Loss Management

AI Water Loss Detection

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