Non-Revenue Water Leak Detection

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to preserve our most valuable resource.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions for a Resilient, Sustainable Future

In the U.S. alone, 2 trillion gallons of potable water is lost annually, resulting in a staggering $7.5 billion revenue loss. To combat this issue, we now offer a turn-key service to municipalities and water utilities, which includes FIDO Tech’s advanced artificial intelligence and our expert field professionals. This industry-leading program is designed to gather, analyze, and provide our customers with actionable data-driven insights from a single trusted source—eliminating all the guesswork.


Our end-to-end service, powered by FIDO, identifies precise locations and sizes of leaks—ready to repair with follow-up verification. Additionally, this program supports other non-revenue water management services, including consumption profiling that detects theft and non-metered usage.

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Imagine a seamless, end-to-end service where we locate, size, and flag leaks, leaving you with just one task: coordinating the repair. We ensure the repairs are successful and provide clear data on your immediate savings. It’s about simplifying the process and delivering real, measurable results.

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Harness the power of real-time consumption profiling to combat water loss more effectively. Elevate your network optimization and resource planning with advanced predictive analytics. We’re here to help you address challenges and plan for the future.

Why Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Leak Detection?

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for leak detection offers numerous advantages. Historically, manual decision-making processes in leak detection were error-prone and time-consuming. AI addresses these issues by processing vast amounts of data instantly, automating decision-making, and significantly improving accuracy. AI’s 24/7 availability and ability to self-learn make it a valuable tool in identifying and prioritizing leaks swiftly and accurately. This technology not only minimizes human error but also integrates seamlessly into workflow systems, ensuring efficient end-to-end reporting. AI’s role extends beyond detection, as it can proactively analyze data trends to prevent leaks, ultimately leading to more effective water management and reduced losses.

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