An Innovative, Economical Alternative for Removal of Suspended Pollutants from Storm Water Runoff

Through the use of two independent vortex cylinders and control weirs, settled particles are collected in the isolated bottom storage compartment, minimizing re-suspension, while floating debris and oils are retained in the upper storage areas.


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Dual-Votrex Separator (DVS)

Dual-Vortex Efficiency
Particle settling is enhanced by circular flow patterns and a highly circuitous flow path created by two independent vortex cylinders.
Settled particles are collected in the isolated bottom storage area, while floating trash, debris and petroleum hydrocarbons are retained in the cylinders and upper storage areas.
During peak events, flows in excess of design treatment overtop the bypass weir and exit the system without entering the cylinders and lower storage area, thereby eliminating re-entrainment issues.

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