Oldcastle Infrastructure dry well are a key element for septic systems. Dry pits are bottomless, perforated, concrete structures surrounded by crushed stone on the sides and bottom. Multiple dry wells can be installed in a system depending on the anticipated volume of wastewater. Liquid effluent flows from the septic tank into the dry well chamber, where it seeps out the side walls and bottom to naturally treat and separate wastewater. Oldcastle Infrastructure wet wells are a key element for lift station systems. Wet wells aid lift stations as the wastewater containment source between transfer points. Oldcastle Infrastructure wet and dry wells come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles including round, square and rectangular models in single or multi-level configurations. Additionally, they can be single, dual, or multi-compartment.


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8′ Dia. Wet Well W8D 8’ View Add
48″ & 72″ Dia. Seepage Pit & Lid Seepage Pit View Add
48″ Drywell Manhole – 48″ x 5′ 48MH-Drywell 5’ 4’ 4’ View Add
2’x2′ Sample Well STD-SAMPLE WELL 2’ 2’ 2’ View Add
48″ Dia. Wet Well 48-WW 4’ View Add
60″ Dia. Wet Well 60-WW 5’ View Add
72″ Dia. Wet Well 72-WW 6’ View Add
96″ Dia. Wet Well 96-WW 8’ View Add
48″ Dia. Top & Bottom Slabs 4 Slabs 6” 4’ View Add
48″ Dia. Traffic Top Slab 4 Top Slab T 8” 4’ View Add
5′-4″x3′-10″ Top Slab w/24″ Dia. Opening SKOTSlab53 8” 3’ 10” 5’ 4” View Add
72″ Dia. Top & Bottom Slabs 6 Slabs 6” 6’ View Add
72″ Dia.Traffic Top Slab w/24″ Dia. Opening 6 Top Slab T 8” 6’ View Add
72″ Dia.Traffic Top Slab w/30″ Dia. Opening 6 Top Slab T30 8” 6’ View Add
96″ Dia. Top & Bottom Slabs 8 Slabs 6” 8’ View Add
96″ Dia. Traffic Top Slab w/24″ Dia. Opening 8 Top Slab T 8” 8’ View Add
96″ Dia. Traffic Top Slab w/30″x48″ Opening 8 Top Slab R 8” 8’ View Add
Storm Ring Basin-Typical Configuration Storm RB View Add
Solid Ring Basin-Typical Configuration Solid RB View Add
Leaching Ring Basin-Typical Configuration Leaching RB View Add



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