Precast Drywells, also referred to as leaching chambers galleys, and seepage pits are a key element for septic systems. Dry pits are are bottomless, perforated, concrete structures surrounded by crushed stone on the sides and bottom. Multiple dry wells can be installed in a system depending on the anticipated volume of wastewater. Liquid effluent flows from the septic tank into the dry well chamber, where it seeps out the side walls and bottom to naturally treat and separate wastewater.

Features & Benefits
  • Modular Construction
  • Base/Bottom Section
  • Lids, Rings, and Cover
  • Manhole Coatings
  • Grade Rings and Risers
  • Cones
  • Flat Slabs
  • Block-outs and Cored Holes
Specs & Guides

Model: 48MH-Drywell

Material: Concrete

Load Rating: wet-wells-dry-wells

Measurement System:

Height: 5’

Width: 4’

Diameter: 4’


PDF: 020-48MH-D-3.pdf

DWG: 020-48MH-D-1.dwg

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