March 18, 2024

EV Charging Station | Foundation Solutions

EV Charging Station | Foundation Solutions

It may be early in the adoption curve for electric vehicles in the U.S., yet the timing is perfect for Oldcastle Infrastructure to be the first to market with scalable, sustainable solutions that set the infrastructure standards in the emerging eMobility industry.

By capitalizing on expertise, collaboration with a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and trillions of dollars of infrastructure funding in the US, Oldcastle Infrastructure is creating a roadmap to be at the forefront of future-proofing the built world. Oldcastle Infrastructure teamed up with the OEM to assist with streamlining the installation process, allowing the OEM to save time and money, and standardize deployments across the U.S.


The OEM was using a cast-in-place design that was vulnerable to a series of inefficiencies. Cast-in-place is a cumbersome process that requires extensive prep work, field labor, challenging site constraints, and nearly perfect weather conditions. This combination of factors has slowed down the rollout of EV charging stations at a time when timing mattered.


Oldcastle Infrastructure designed and tested multiple iterations of a precast mounting pad. Through our collaboration with the OEM, we discovered difficulties feeding wiring through the conduits. To solve this problem, our engineers created multiple blockouts in the pad. Additionally, the pad design was optimized for precast concrete manufacturing by making several adjustments including removing the customer-provided mounting plate.

The result is four standardized precast foundation designs that offer a turn-key solution across the U.S. eMobility space. The installation process was streamlined into a single-day installation, requiring the construction team to only drop a fully manufactured piece into the excavated area. This solution is being launched across the country and its success is driving the conversation toward a fully future-proofed solution.

Oldcastle Infrastructure continues to collaborate with the OEM in design enhancements that include a universal Retention Socket and adapter plate that can be used to prepare the foundation pad to accept the charging station and set the customer up for a faster installation and safe pedestrian walkways between installs. Oldcastle Infrastructure is leading the way with EV charging products that create easy-to-install, future-ready solutions and allow OEMs to standardize eMobility deployment across the U.S


Speed up and simplify your installation with one foundation for all your EV charging infrastructure. The EVNext precast concrete pad arrives at the job site ready-to-go, with openings customized for your equipment and anchors inserted precisely where you need them. These durable foundations can be installed above or at grade and can accommodate EV chargers, cabinets, transformers, or switchgear components.

  • Our engineering team works with you to create a customized solution that fits your specs
  • Pads are designed for your equipment needs with openings precisely where you need them
  • Precast foundations arrive on-site, ready for installation, and equipment connections
  • A strong, durable foundation for EV chargers, cabinets, transformers, and switchgear components
  • Inserts can be included for anchoring equipment
  • Pads can be installed above grade or at grade, subject to engineering evaluation
  • Conduits can be embedded upon request
  • Precast concrete eliminates the wait time of cast-in-place options; equipment can be installed the same day