March 12, 2024

Driving Change in eMobility: The Path to Efficient EV Charging Infrastructure

Driving Change in eMobility: The Path to Efficient EV Charging Infrastructure

In the early stages of electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the U.S., Oldcastle Infrastructure is taking a leading role in pioneering scalable and sustainable eMobility solutions to empower our partners for success. Our strategic collaboration with a major Charge Point Operator (CPO) showcases our commitment to overcoming the traditional challenges of EV charging station installations, which were often hampered by the inefficiencies of cast-in-place (CIP) designs. These challenges included labor-intensive processes, stringent site constraints, and a heavy reliance on favorable weather conditions, all of which contributed to significant delays in deployment at a crucial time for EV adoption. 

Oldcastle Infrastructure responded to these challenges by innovatively engineering a precast solution that significantly enhances the efficiency, safety, and reliability of EV charging station installations. This new approach leveraged our technical knowledge and innovation to meet and exceed the CPO’s needs. 

The development of the EVNext Precast Concrete Pad exemplifies our collaborative and innovative approach. Designed through a series of iterations and rigorous hands-on testing, this solution effectively addressed key challenges such as wiring conduit feed issues. By creating multiple blockouts in the pad and optimizing the slab design for precast concrete manufacturing, Oldcastle Infrastructure not only streamlined the installation process but also significantly reduced labor, setup, and site-preparation costs. 

This turnkey solution, now being rolled out across the country, simplifies the installation process to a single day, reducing the impact of weather delays and standardizing the product for nationwide use. It represents a substantial advancement in the industry, providing a standardized, efficient, and future-ready solution that supports the rapid expansion of EV charging networks. 

Oldcastle Infrastructure’s entry into the eMobility market with this innovative solution underscores our commitment to sustainability and the development of infrastructure that meets the future’s demands. To discover more about how Oldcastle Infrastructure is revolutionizing the EV charging landscape and to delve deeper into our innovative solutions, we invite you to explore our full lineup of EV solutions. Visit EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions Center for additional case studies and insights into how we are driving sustainable change in the eMobility sector. Join us in shaping a sustainable transportation future. 

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