Four-sided culverts, commonly referred to as box culverts, are some of the most versatile precast concrete products in the market. Box culverts are suitable for applications such as underpasses, tunnels, subways, bridges, stream culverts, material handling, storage, and more. Oldcaslte Infrastructure catch basins are engineered to resist corrosive elements and withstand volumes of water inside as well as extreme loading conditions outside. Our box culverts are manufactured in a variety of sizes with standard and customizable designs to accommodate your project. Conventional monolithic box culverts are poured all as one piece to create seamless four-sided boxes which can be shipped to the jobsite for immediate installation. Once sections are delivered, they are set horizontally and the joints must be pulled together or ?tugged up” using a pulley system.

Features & Benefits
  • Modular Construction
  • Monolithic, Split, or Watertight
  • Weld Connections
  • Access Openings
  • End Units
  • Offers rugged durability to a variety of projects including:= Underpasses= Tunnels= Subways= Bridges= Stream culverts= Material handling= Storage= And much more
  • Customizable sectional design
  • Quick and easy install
  • Monolithic designs:= Poured all as one piece to create seamless four-sided boxes= Simple and quick install
  • Split designs:= Poured in two separate pieces= Ideal for custom requirements and remote locations= Lighter weight than monolithic designs= Easy transport and install
  • Watertight designs:= Manufactured with an additional expanding water stop and elastomeric sealant to the joints
  • Manufactured with weld pockets at the joints for in-field weld connections
  • Provide added stability
  • Optional cast-in openings
  • Maintenance and inspection accessibility
  • Variety of shapes and sizes
  • Available options:= Headwalls= Curbs= Railings= Sidewalks
  • Customizable
  • Quick and easy install
Specs & Guides

Model: 6'-0 x 4'-0" x 8'-0

Material: Concrete

Measurement System:

Height: 4’

Width: 6’

Length: 8’


PDF: GPE_TPK_6x4x8_Reinforced-Box-Culvert_37231.pdf

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