Our next generation TreePod biofilter, the new BioPod system is offered in four configurations: BioPod Surface (at-grade vault with media only, no vegetation); BioPod Planter (vault with media and vegetation); BioPod Tree (vault with media and tree(s); BioPod Underground (below-grade vault with media only, no vegetation).

Features & Benefits
  • High-Flow Bypass
  • Flexible Design
  • Water Quality
  • LEED Potential
  • Treatment Train
  • Optional integrated bypass reduces construction costs by eliminating the need for a separate bypass structure.
  • Available in multiple sizes to meet your site-specific requirements.
  • Proprietary media engineered to remove fine sediment, nutrients, petroleum hydrocarbons as well as dissolved metals.
  • Can contribute towards earning LEED points for your project.
  • Ability to stand-alone or be incorporated into a stormwater ‘treatment train.’


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