Boat Ramp Planks from Oldcaslte Infrastructure are precast concrete slabs that are designed with a “V” groove top finish to improve traction and allow for self-cleaning. Boat ramp panels are available in 4′ lengths and widths up to 32′. The ramp panels are assembled with tongue and groove joint connections on top of prestressed sleeper rails with panels stops. Precast panels allow a complete boat ramp assembly to be delivered and installed typically on the same day.

Specs & Guides

Model: BR-SP

Material: Concrete

Height: Variable

Width: Variable

Length: Variable


PDF: NE_AVN_VariesxVariesxVaries_Boat-Ramp-Variable-Dimension_26772.pdf

DWG: NE_AVN_VariesxVariesxVaries_Boat-Ramp-Variable-Dimension_26772-1.dwg


Location Available

151 Old Farms Road
Avon, CT


(860) 673-3291


M-F 8:00-5:00

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