Concrete Ecology Blocks are concrete building blocks used for building retaining walls. They fit together utilizing their tongue and groove design which reduces movement as they are stacked together. Ecology blocks can be used as a permanent structure or dismantled and reused. The blocks are available in a variety of sizes and can be used in a wide range of applications. Ecology blocks are ideal for use as divider walls to create storage bays for materials such as aggregates. They are also an ideal solution for emergency protective barriers because they can be quickly deployed, securely stacked, and quickly disassembled as needed.

Features & Benefits
  • Single Piece Construction
  • Wall Design Capabilities
  • Durable, and suitable for any climate
  • Offers rugged durability to resist lateral loads induced by soil pressure
  • Easily integrated into continuous walls
  • Interlocking construction provides stability to reduce slipping and increase structural soundness
  • Customizable sectional design
Specs & Guides

Model: Block

Material: Concrete

Height: 2”

Width: 2’

Length: 4’

Weight: 2400 lb


PDF: 2x4x2_Concrete_Ecology-Block_MA_MI.pdf

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