October 27, 2023

Gas Station | EV Cabinet Base System

Gas Station | EV Cabinet Base System

The EV Cabinet Base System has been specified by MFG to aid and enhance the installation of Power Cabinets, required at an EV Charging Bay, located on a gas station in Leyton.


Designed to simplify the installation and maintenance of switch gear power/comms cabinets which allows for streamlined upgrades, additions and replacements. This modular base system is significantly faster to install when compared to traditional methods as initial installation requires no concrete, removing significant delays attributable to weather constraints. Comprising of a STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect Access Chamber, onto which cabinet modules are bolted and secured, the system facilitates a positively connected duct network directly into the cabinets.

Upon completion of civils installation and, if preferred at a later stage when ready for use, power cabinets are simply lowered onto the cabinet base via a truck crane and bolted into position.

In this instance, contractors were able to install the cabinet base prior to the delivery of power cabinets eradicating the risk of potential and costly damage to equipment while work continues. Additionally, this installation allows for civils and electrical works to be carried out independently, guaranteeing no time is lost due to conflicting schedules.

Providing open cable access between cabinets, the Cabinet Base System is fully future proofed to allow the addition of cables (should advancements in technology dictate) while affording a simplified process in terms of maintenance, removal and replacement.


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