March 15, 2023

High Volume StormCapture® Detention System

High Volume StormCapture® Detention System

While constructing a new e-commerce distribution center, our client turned to Oldcastle Infrastructure for a stormwater management solution and underground detention system. Utilizing our StormCapture detention system and supporting products, we provided a solution that was focused on efficiency both in function and installation.


Brent Scarbrough & Company, the operating contractor on this project, brought in Oldcastle Infrastructure in the face of several logistical challenges. The large amounts of rainfall customary to the area provided difficult working conditions, while additionally meaning that the stormwater system of choice needed to be stronger, more reliable and more effective than standard systems.

This installation provided a number of challenges along the way:

• A very tight working space for the installation caused the trucks to be in constant motion.
• The size of the system required staging of StormCapture units on site so that manufacturing could continue.
• Large amounts of rain provided a natural obstacle to the installation timeline.


Oldcastle Infrastructure designed a completely custom stormwater detention system utilizing the StormCapture clamshell modules. Able to meet all the project requirements, work within site constraints and deliver a system that met application needs, our local manufacturing provided the most efficient and responsive installation process possible.

Due to the local production of the product, Oldcastle Infrastructure was able to deliver StormCapture units at an unmatchable pace, resulting in the complete installation in just 6 working days.

In addition, Oldcastle Infrastructure representatives were on site every single day during the installation. By providing attentive, ongoing support throughout the process, a deep understanding and high-functioning relationship was formed with the contractor.


Build Quality
The quality of our StormCapture system was a difference maker, providing an easier and safer installation due to the interlocking modules. Additionally, every module was poured in the same plant, ensuring high and uniform quality across the board.

Easy Installation
Because of StormCapture’s unique design, installation was expedited through the interlocking nature of the product. This feature allows a faster setting process and resulted in 434 pieces being installed in just a few days.

Locally Manufactured
Oldcastle Infrastructure’s local manufacturing was a big advantage for this installation. Due to the tight timeline and working conditions, drivers were able to unload, and return to pick up the next round directly from the manufacturing facility, expediting the timeline and keeping installation moving.

“The quality and design of the StormCapture modules allowed for much faster set times. This kept our very tight schedule on track.”

Heath Head
Brent Scarbrough & Company

|  Contractor
Brent Scarbrough & Company

|  Consulting Engineer
Eberly & Associates

|  Stormwater Volume
310,651 cubic feet of storage

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