April 2, 2024

Nevada and Commonwealth Apartments | MaxCapture®

Nevada and Commonwealth Apartments | MaxCapture®

The Nevada Street and Commonwealth Avenue Apartments in Chandler, Arizona are newly constructed multifamily apartments that needed a solution to address both stormwater detention and deep infiltration.

With our full solutions approach to stormwater management, Oldcastle Infrastructure looked to modernize this community with the use of the brand new MaxCapture®, combining Oldcastle Infrastructure’s StormCapture detention modules and MaxWell® drywell solutions into a single system, all while saving the owner and contractor time, costs, and land space.


Addressing the need for both detention and deep infiltration, while cutting down on the costs, installation time, and land usage that is typically required. Generally, two separate products from two separate companies are needed, if detention and deep infiltration are both required on a site. Solving both issues with a single product, one that had never been installed before, required a comprehensive approach ensuring this groundbreaking project ran smoothly and set the precedent for future projects.

This implementation project required the coordination of all parties involved so Torrent, Oldcastle Infrastructure, and the contractors could work seamlessly together. With nearly 50,000 ft3 of storage volume installed, it was also necessary for the city of Chandler to approve the use of the drywells.


This project showcased Oldcastle Infrastructure’s turnkey solutions by leveraging the first-ever installation of MaxCapture, an innovative, one-of-a-kind combined detention and drywell system. While detention and drywell system installation is typically costly, labor-intensive, time consuming, and usually requires a very involved design process, Oldcastle Infrastructure’s ability to create comprehensive solutions that address core needs alleviated those hurdles.


Land Allocation
Utilizing MaxCapture allows for land space to be saved and allocated for other revenue-generating purposes thanks to its stacked design.

Cost Efficiencies
Since MaxCapture is self-contained, the design and installation process required less excavation and fewer materials than a traditional two-product system.

Accelerated Timeline
Oldcastle Infrastructure’s engineering and design resources, streamlined the design process for specifying engineers.