June 25, 2021

Sedona, AZ OneLift™ Pump Station

Sedona, AZ OneLift™ Pump Station

Oldcastle Infrastructure’s OneLift™ Pump Station offered a streamlined solution for the Sedona, Arizona, wastewater collection system by providing pump stations at two locations as part of the City’s infrastructure.


Because the City is situated at the bottom of a valley, most of its waste water goes through a series of pump stations to reach the treatment facility situated at higher elevation. The installation of the Mystic Station and Chapel Station units required excavation into rock to get the required depth in a short period of time.

This project raised a number of challenges along the way:

| The Mystic Station required a smaller footprint to build the masonry wall.

| The Chapel Station needed to be replaced in full.

| The contractor required rapid installation to avoid excessive bypass pumping costs.


Oldcastle Infrastructure delivered and installed two OneLift Pump Stations at Mystic and Chapel stations as part of the City’s existing infrastructure.

| Installing OneLift at the Mystic Station allowed for a smaller excavation to avoid the long and costly process of a larger excavation required of a conventional station.

| OneLift served as a complete replacement at the Chapel station, allowing for extra capacity in the same footprint while staying out of an adjacent wash.


The OneLift Pump Station was the perfect solution for this project. It met the customer’s needs for a quality solution with more capacity and a smaller footprint that could be installed quickly and efficiently.


The OneLift Pump Stations from Oldcastle Infrastructure enhanced this project in a number of ways, including:

| A smaller footprint requiring less excavation on a challenging site

| Pre-assembly for the product allowed for rapid installation

| Seamless integration into pre-existing infrastructure

| Quick installation to save on excessive costs and time

“OneLift’s pre-packaged and pre-plumbed features made my job as project manager much easier. We were able to install the product in one day and it required only a minimal pipe and electrical work on-site, making it easily compatible with
project specifications.”

Michael Thomas

Kinney Construction Services, Inc.


Project: Sedona, AZ OneLift™ Pump Station

Location: Sedona, AZ

Product: OneLift™ Pump Station

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