October 20, 2021

StormCapture® in Southeast Alabama
Transformational Stormwater Detention

StormCapture® in Southeast Alabama<br> Transformational Stormwater Detention

As Auburn University continues to grow their phenomenal football program, a need developed to upgrade their football operations facility. This involved transforming campus tennis courts and track facilities into a new, state-of-the-art football operations building and practice facility. As part of the new development, an underground stormwater detention system was required.


Shortly after being awarded the project, the contractor reached out to partner with Oldcastle Infrastructure to bring the project to life. After previously working with Oldcastle Infrastructure in the Atlanta market, our team and the contractor had developed a mutually-respected working relationship.

Specific challenges the team faced during this project included:

| Introducing a new precast product to Auburn University engineered specifically for stormwater management.

| Reducing the lead times and installation window with a more efficient product.

| Ensuring the design engineer was in agreement that this product would be a better fit for this project than the box culvert.


The Oldcastle Infrastructure team identified a unique opportunity to install two StormCapture systems in lieu of the specified box culvert, which would have required more pieces in addition to a longer delivery and set time.

This was the first time StormCapture units were delivered to the state of Alabama. The two StormCapture systems were successfully installed by ensuring all components were accounted for in advance, resulting in an expedited installation of one day per system.

The StormCapture footprint allowed the contractor to utilize a smaller number of modules.



With precision and nimbleness, Oldcastle Infrastructure was able to shave an entire week off of the installation timeline. Combining a perfectly-scheduled and executed delivery, with a system that required far less comparative laydown area, the project was delivered according to exact project specifications and a full week ahead of schedule.


Oldcastle Infrastructure acted beyond the call of duty and scope as a complete supportive partner throughout the entire project. Oldcastle team members assisted with everything from crane setup, to rigging, to fitting, safety and more, impressing the general contractor and project owner.

“The support provided by the Oldcastle team during installation was unbelievable. I expect to see this system included as a solution for underground stormwater detention on many future Auburn University projects.”

Scott Thomas


Owner: Auburn University

Contractor: Evergreen Siteworks

Consulting Engineer: LBYD

Solution: 44 6-foot StormCapture® units | Three Link Slabs

Stormwater Volume: 310,651 cubic feet of storage

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