November 1, 2018



Delivers for UPS During Hub Expansion

Lexington, Kentucky

United Parcel Service (UPS) needed a stormwater detention system capable of handling over 400,000 cubic feet of rainwater runoff from their recent hub expansion in Lexington, Kentucky. After engaging general contractor Louisville Paving and engineering firm Luckett & Farley, the company ultimately selected the revolutionary StormCapture® system from Oldcastle Infrastructure.

The immense size of the site, sheer volume of stormwater runoff, deep backfill requirements and tight timeframe necessitated the system cover three separate sites. The first site measured approximately 200’x88’ with a storage capacity of 99,899 cubic feet using one-piece, 6’ StormCapture modules connected by link slabs. The second and largest site covered about 200’x160’ with a storage capacity of 244,574 cubic feet using larger two-piece, 8’ StormCapture modules also joined by link slabs. The third and smallest site measured around 80’x160’ with a storage capacity of 70,943 cubic feet also using larger two-piece, 8’ StormCapture modules attached by link slabs.

In total, the project included 390 precast concrete StormCapture modules and 247 link slabs, plus risers and castings for each system, all supplied by the local Oldcastle plants in Lexington, Kentucky and Lebanon, Tennessee. Incorporating link slabs into the design allowed for a significant reduction in the overall number of StormCapture modules and associated costs, while still meeting the project’s massive stormwater management requirements.

StormCapture is the featured solution offered by Oldcastle Infrastructure for capturing and managing stormwater runoff. It maximizes developable land by allowing the full complement of stormwater management solutions to be placed efficiently and easily under parking lots and roadways with very little cover, in both traffic-rated and nontraffic applications.

The StormCapture precast concrete system is designed and engineered for superior performance. Its modular nature provides countless configurations for site-specific layouts while simplifying the design process and accelerating construction. Whether your site needs a simple detention system to prevent storm drain overloading, a groundwater recharge system for Low-Impact Development (LID), a stormwater treatment system to improve water quality, or a complete stormwater harvesting system, StormCapture will provide your ideal solution.

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