The CUDO system is a modular high-density plastic cube that can be used to provide compact underground storage for storm water infiltration, retention, detention and water quality treatment. Its modular design allows cubes to be combined to create site-specific configurations, including an option for subsurface infiltration.

CUDO systems are ideally suited for smaller sites and shallow applications. Made in the USA of high-strength injection-molded polypropylene plastic, a single CUDO assembly requires just two identical halves and a top and bottom panel, making installation in the field quick and easy. For the system perimeter at the soil/system interface and pipe connections, side panels and pipe adapter panels are available to complete the system.

CUDO system is designed to support HS-20 traffic loads and can be installed in a single layer or stacked to increase storage volume in the same footprint. Depending on the application, either a filter fabric (for infiltration) or watertight plastic liner (for detention) is placed beneath and around the CUDO modules, forming a secure envelope around the entire system. Access ports are strategically located to allow for inspection and maintenance.

Features & Benefits

Product Features

  • CUDO cube size (24”x 24”x24”) providing 7.6 cubic ft of storage
  • Made of high-density polypropylene in the USA
  • Supports HS-20 traffic loads
  • Applications for retention, detention, infiltration and water quality treatments

Key Benefits

  • Easy Installation – CUDO cubes are lightweight and easy to handle and install with no tools required nor heavy equipment.
  • Efficient Storage – Each CUDO cube provides 7.6 cu. ft of storage providing 95% storage efficiency which minimize the system footprint.
  • Highly Modular – CUDO can be installed in a single layer or stacked up to 6 ft high.
  • Maintenance Accessible – Large interior openings offer ease of access for inspection and maintenance.
  • LEED Potential – Potential LEED credits for Sustainable Sites (6.1, 6.2) and Water efficiency (1.3).
  • Potential LEED credits for Sustainable Sites (6.1, 6.2) and Water Efficiency (1, 3).
  • Design Assistance – In house Engineers that can offer engineering solutions to your stormwater needs.
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