The FloGard Downspout Filter is a building-mounted downspout filter that removes non-soluble pollutants such as gross solids, trash and debris from rooftop storm water runoff. The filter is adaptable to various architectural applications, and is an ideal solution for ultra-urban sites like downtown commercial buildings and parking decks with little-to-no property area outside the building perimeter for a conventional underground storm water Best Management Practice (BMP). The FloGard Downspout Filter fits most standard downspouts, providing physical screening of pollutants using a collection basket with a fabric liner. Available in a number of sizes, the FloGard Downspout Filter is installed inline with the downspout pipe, and is typically recessed into the wall for a flush appearance or mounted directly to the wall surface. As with any storm water treatment system, the FloGard Downspout Filter requires regular maintenance to prolong the life of the system. Routine maintenance is accomplished by removing accumulated pollutants from the collection basket by hand. Frequency of maintenance depends on the conditions of the site and performance of the system. The FloGard Downspout Filter has been certified by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) for inline filtration of storm water runoff on building downspouts. The FloGard Downspout Filter complies with the Uniform Plumbing Code and International Plumbing Code.

Features & Benefits
  • Removes Non-Soluble Pollutants
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Multiple Installation Options
  • Easy and Economical Maintenance
  • Standard and Custom Configurations
  • Removes gross solids and trash & debris and may be equipped with sorbent materials to target hydrocarbons.
  • Made from Type 304 stainless steel that will withstand long-term exposure to the environment.
  • Installed inline with the downspout pipe and can be recessed into a wall for a flush appearance or mounted to a wall surface. Can be used inside or outside a building.
  • Includes an easy-to-remove pollutant collection basket for ease of maintenance.
  • Includes standard round downspout connectors
  • custom adapter shapes and sizes also available.


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