TerraMod™ offers top tier filter performance for urban stormwater management systems. With flexibility in application and system design, TerraMod reduces cost and installation timelines with minimal onsite assembly required.

Features & Benefits
  • Green Infrastructure
    to meet your application’s LID goals
  • Modular Design
    to provide flexibility and meet almost any configuration
  • Easy Installation
    to expedite timelines with minimal on-site assembly required
  • Optional Modules
    to enhance storm water management with integrated trash capture and bypass
  • Equivalency Approved
    to meet the same standards as any non-proprietary bioretention planter box
  • Locally Pre-fabricated
    to provide responsive support and delivery
  • Standard Sizes
    • Widths: 3.5′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′
    • Depths: 3′, 5′
    • Lengths: 10′

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A simple, local, green stormwater solution.


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