Hollowcore Single Family

Your Flexible Design Solution

Hollowcore Plank utilizes the latest technology to create more space for additional parking, storage, shop and living space with minimal cost and site impact. Frequently used in single family residential applications, no other construction material rivals the speed, durability and security of Hollowcore Plank.

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What is Hollowcore?

Hollowcore plank is a pre-stressed concrete product for use on floors and roofs. It is machine extruded and saw cut to specified lengths for each project. Four-foot widths are standard but based on building layouts, narrower pieces (split pieces) can be accommodated. Hollowcore planks from Oldcastle Infrastructure are made in our automated, state-of-the-art, PCI certified manufacturing facility. Production in a controlled environment using high-strength concrete and strand guarantees a product that is built to last. Our project scope can include installation and grouting by Oldcastle Infrastructure’s experienced PCI certified field crews.

Why Hollowcore?

Hundreds of residential applications throughout the Northeast have been built utilizing Hollowcore plank. Hollowcore’s long, clear spans provide greater design flexibility by creating large open spaces below that can be used for additional parking, storage, shop and living space.

  • Entertainment Spaces
  • WorkShops
  • Home Gyms
  • Additional Storage
  • Hobby Spaces
  • Security Rooms
  • Home Theaters
  • Wine or Food Cellars
  • Additional Garage
  • Indoor Sport Spaces


Hollowcore Distribution Area

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