November 8, 2021

Lake Elsinore, California
BioPod™ Installation

Lake Elsinore, California<br>BioPod™ Installation

As part of a new Walmart build in Lake Elsinore, California, Oldcastle Infrastructure was awarded the contract to manufacture a sustainable biofiltration solution for the commercial development. Installing BioPod systems for this project paved the way for the largest individual units installed in Southern California and showcased Oldcastle’s ability to engineer an advanced, custom stormwater treatment solution that meets green infrastructure requirements.


Apple Valley Construction sought to install a sustainable stormwater treatment solution for a commercial development in Southern California. Oldcastle Infrastructure was instrumental in providing a large-scale solution with flexible designs that met site-specific needs.

Specific challenges the Oldcastle team faced during this project included:

| Introducing a new product to the Southern California market where other well-established products in the area are typically specified.

| Consolidating the number of originally specified units to meet site requirements.

| Adapting plans for the job site footprint and larger units.


The Oldcastle Infrastructure team identified a unique opportunity to install three of its flexible BioPod systems in place of a competitive product previously specified, which would have required more units.

The three BioPod systems are the largest individual units designed and installed in Southern California to date. By collaborating with project engineers early in the design phase, Oldcastle was able to provide a premium yet simplified treatment solution that accommodated site specific stormwater treatment requirements in a cost effective package.

BioPod’s footprint allowed the contractor to utilize a smaller number of larger units to consolidate the stormwater treatment system into one area. This was beneficial in accommodating both treatment flow rates of 0.86 cfs and peak flow rates of 20 cfs.



| Oldcastle Infrastructure’s BioPod was quick, easy and safe to install on-site for Apple Valley Construction. Using BioPod in place of the well-established competitor’s product allowed for all three units to be installed in just 13 hours, saving the contractor a significant reduction in labor time.


Despite site challenges and budgetary restrictions, BioPod was able to meet site-specific requirements for size, reducing the amount of materials and units needed for installation all while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing design for the end-user.


Fitting seamlessly into standard site drainage, BioPod serves as a long-lasting solution for this new Walmart build. Not only do the BioPod units create a more efficient installation process for the crew, but they also utilize an advanced biofiltration design for an environmentally friendly stormwater solution.

“In lieu of site challenges, the Oldcastle team designed an exceptionally large stormwater treatment devices that will provide the performance and reliability required for many years to come.”

Britt Sweet

Oldcastle Infrastructure

Owner: Walmart

Contractor: Apple Valley Construction

Consulting Engineer: Kimley-Horn

Solution: Three 11′ x 26′ x 8′ BioPod Systems

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