March 25, 2024

Toyota of Lewisville, Texas | StormCapture

Toyota of Lewisville, Texas | StormCapture

In a landscape where success is measured by innovation and overcoming challenges, our partnership with Toyota of Lewisville stands as a testament to hard work and adaptability. This project involved the installation of 86 – 4.5’ SC-1 modules with 50 link slabs and 50 grade slabs aimed at providing 75,000 CF of storage. The undertaking was not without obstacles, but our commitment to excellence facilitated success.


The project presented exciting opportunities paired with unique challenges. We quickly realized that this site posed constraints regarding the amount of space available, and the clock was ticking to find a solution with delivery timing at the forefront. The site constraints and the urgency of delivery timing added an extra layer of complexity to the installation, shipping, and arrival of the units. However, these challenges were approached as steppingstones to creative solutions.


Enter StormCapture – a groundbreaking concrete detention system that not only met project requirements but also provided a solution to enhance detention capacity and expand the size of the parking lot. The decision to opt for StormCapture was driven by its quality and alignment with the dealership’s needs. The installation process, spanning 45 days with 1 crane, unfolded seamlessly, conquering the challenges of limited space and tight timelines.


Increased Detention Capacity
StormCapture facilitated the addition of detention capacity without compromising the parking lot size, optimizing the use of available space.

On-time Delivery
Despite the challenges in logistics, the project maintained an average of 10 trucks per day, ensuring timely delivery that adhered to the contractor’s timeline.

Unique Concrete Detention System
The product’s special features, designed specifically for detention, showcased its suitability for the project and contributed to its success.

Our partnership with this thriving dealership showcases our dedication to overcoming challenges, providing innovative solutions, and delivering results that go beyond expectations. As we continue to shape success stories, our commitment to our clients remains unwavering.


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