Fish Passage Initiatives

Culverts to Conservation: Oldcastle Infrastructure’s Fish Passage Initiatives

Explore how we merge innovation, safety, and environmental stewardship in groundbreaking fish passage initiatives.
Water Infrastructure

Liquid Assets: Investing in the Next Generation of Water Infrastructure

The transformative approaches reshaping America's aging water infrastructure and the opportunities they present.
How NEVI is Powering America's Alternative Fuel Corridors

From Planning to Pavement: How NEVI is Powering America’s Alternative Fuel Corridors

NEVI leads America's charge into an electric future, building accessible, efficient EV charging networks across the nation.
Green Infrastructure A Sustainable Response to Stormwater Management

Green Infrastructure: A Sustainable Response to Stormwater Management

From theory to practice; implementing green infrastructure for effective stormwater management.
Overcoming Challenges in Rural Broadband Deployment

Bridging the Digital Divide: Overcoming Challenges in Rural Broadband Deployment

Explore innovative solutions to the high costs and complexities of extending fiber optic broadband in rural areas.
EV Readiness

Powering Through: A Cross-Country Exploration of America’s EV Readiness

An odyssey across the U.S. reveals electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure challenges and solutions.

Small Bridges, Big Impact: The Role of BFP in Transforming America’s Infrastructure

The Bridge Formula Program, part of the IIJA, allocates $27B for revitalizing bridges across the US.

From Plan to Pavement: NEVI’s Funding Rollout

NEVI drives EV infrastructure development, focusing on accessible charging networks and state-level implementation for transportation improvements.

Bridging the Digital Divide: The Critical Need for Broadband Expansion in America

Expanding US broadband access involves overcoming cost and infrastructure challenges to bridge the digital divide and foster equitable connectivity.

Water Scarcity: Meeting a Global Challenge with Innovative Solutions

Innovative tech and community involvement are key in tackling global water scarcity and the financial burdens of non-revenue water.

Protecting the Reliability of the Electrical Grid: More Important Now Than Ever

Dive into the evolution of electrical grids, exploring crucial updates for our technology-driven world's safety and reliability

Deciphering the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA)

The IIJA, injecting an astonishing $1.2 trillion into the sector, holds vast potential but demands expertise to navigate. Join us in transforming infrastructure.

The Hidden Value of Stormwater System Maintenance

Amid climate change, regular stormwater maintenance is vital for environmental resilience, safeguarding water systems, and preventing costly damage.

ANSI/SCTE Load Ratings: A Vital Aspect of Underground Enclosure Selection

ANSI/SCTE 77 load ratings guide the selection of underground enclosures, ensuring they meet specific performance needs for reliable installations.

Birds, Planes, and Sustainability: An Innovative Stormwater Solution

Discover how Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport's green infrastructure approach solved bird strike hazards while promoting sustainability.

The Data Center Evolution: Redefining Infrastructure Landscape

Navigating the rapid evolution of data centers, see what it takes to play a vital role in the "storage arms race," delivering on innovation and security.

Empower Your AEC Career: Stormwater Management AIA-Approved Continuing Education

Unlock AEC career growth with AIA-approved courses on green infrastructure, drywells, and stormwater maintenance by Oldcastle Infrastructure and Informed Infrastructure.