Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT)

The NetTech™ Gross Pollutant Trap is an outfall protection device that captures trash and debris from storm water runoff before it enters downstream receiving waters.


  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Lack of human contact with intercepted pollutants
  • Custom sizes available for retrofit applications
  • Available in round, elliptical or customized to fit your needs


  • Water drains completely from device, preventing possible odor, infection or mosquito breeding
  • Debris cannot be re-entrained, as overtopping is not possible
  • Litter is stored dry, preventing anaerobic decomposition


Why NetTech™

Capture Debris Without Flow Interruptions

The revolutionary NetTech™ gross pollutant trap (GPT) system combines a marine-grade, stainless-steel pipe extension with a heavy-duty, UV-stabilized polyethylene net.

The pipe extension incorporates a unique mechanism that allows the net to release in the event it becomes fouled with intercepted debris. The net component automatically detaches and then chokes off on a short tether, allowing the pipe to flow normally.

The versatile system can be customized to suit various flow rates, volumes of debris or retrofit applications.

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